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  • Teen Therapy Groups

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    Teen Therapy Groups:

    Teen Talk-Therapy Group

    Group therapy helps teens give and receive support while learning from each other and their therapist by discussing the issues they have in common. Teen Talk will cover a variety of modern day issues that are common struggles against most teens. They will learn helpful coping skills to deal with their stressors in a healthy way while utilizing Art Therapy at times and CBT Techniques. 

    This group is for teens ages 13-17. 

    Tuesday evenings from 5-6pm 

    Teen DBT Skills Group

    This group led by Rachel Hottin, LPC offers a chance for teens to learn and practice classic DBT skills, along with a supportive and inclusive  peer group to emphasize the applicable benefits of group therapy.

    This group is for teens ages 13-17. 

    Monday evenings from 5:30-6:45pm