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  • Joshua Lecker, LADC, MFT-A

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    Joshua Lecker, LADC, MFT-A

    Josh has worked in the behavioral health field for almost a decade. With a bachelors in psychology, masters in clinical counseling and finishing up a second masters in public health, Josh has exceptional knowledge and experience in the Behavioral Health Field. 

    Josh has not only worked in this field as a clinician but has also worked as a case manager, manager and director which allows him to really focus on clients and their treatment from all angles.  

    Josh specializes in substance abuse, eating disorders and process addiction as well as Family/relationship struggles, anxiety, depression, and life transitions. Josh works with individuals (16+), families and couples. His goal is to teach people to navigate life in a healthy and fulfilling way.  

    As Josh says, “It’s not about the hand your dealt but how you play your hand.”