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    Our Treatment Philosophy

    Inspire Recovery seeks to utilize your strengths to maximize your recovery efforts. Whether you are coming to us to get through a tough life transition or due to anxiety, depression, or substance use problem… we are here to listen to you first. We believe that each person is the expert in themselves but sometimes need some help to verbalize their needs to the world.

    Each therapist uses an eclectic approach to therapy and tailors their approach to best suit the individual or family they are working with.

    Our Services

    • Individual Therapy
    • Group Therapy
    • LCSW and LADC Supervision
    • Substance Use Disorder Assessments

    Our Goals

    Inspire Recovery seeks to aid you on your path to your true self. We want to help you focus on the strengths you have, find the positivity and light in your life, and lead you on the path to happiness. We will work with you to define goals, cope with traumas, and support you through recovery and beyond. By walking alongside you on this path, we aim to ensure you achieve the greatest success possible with our services.