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  • Cope - Coping Skills for Teens

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    COPE – A Coping Skills Group for Teens

    Far from just an adult problem, young people deal with stress related to school, current events, and the future. Without healthy coping skills, that stress can turn into something more serious. If it isn’t managed properly, stress can lead to unsafe behaviors, unpredictable bursts of anger, and prolonged mental duress. 

    Strong emotions sometimes give us the urge to act out in ways that we may later regret, and this is especially true for children and teens, who tend to have higher levels of impulsivity than adults. Coping skills can give kids the space they need to think before they act, helping them stay in control of their behavior. 

    COPE will focus on implementing the 4 main coping strategies:  problem-focused, emotion-focused, support-seeking, and meaning-making coping.