• Turning Over A New Leaf

    Turning Over A New Leaf

    I have heard a few people recently remark that Fall is so “depressing”. Whether it is because of leaves falling off trees and dying or the temperatures dropping, many people identify with a shift in emotions with the change in seasons.

    I typically grieve the end of summer since I love everything about it… vacations, hot temperatures, longer days, more time outside. But this year I noticed that I have welcomed Fall with open arms. There is something really exciting to me about change and the prospect of allowing something to die to make room for something new to grow.

    Change creates stress -even good changes- but stress and pressure is what turns coal into diamonds after all. Sometimes that pressure to make a change is just what we need to propel us into action. Many people I interact with rely on their support systems—sponsors, therapists, spouses, etc—to hold them accountable when they are unable to keep the pressure on themselves to do the next right thing. When experiencing change, it pays off to latch on to those consistent people who can be a reflection for you when you need honest feedback.

    This fall season has been a time of reflection and introspection. A time to slow down and appreciate all the changes I have made to get to where I am today. So instead of mourning what was, I am celebrating the exciting prospect of what could be. Sometimes we have to let something go in order to make room for what is to come.

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